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About Payroll


Need for automated payroll:

From the very beginning of getting the candidates interviewed, recruiting as employees, fixing the scale of salary, appointment, salary processing and appraisal etc., HR personnel must go through a pile or bundles of papers for doing all these things manually. Amongst all the tasks mentioned the processing of salary needs more supervision as it has to be done in time coupled with accurateness. While processing the salary of employees, many factors are to be considered like, employee’s present days, leaves, standing instructions (if any) etc.,

Moreover today’s payroll processing has become messy and chaotic, due to various statutory and MIS requirements coupled with changing HR policies, slabs and formulas time to time. To ease the work of HR personnel from that pile of papers related to salary processing, statutory returns filing etc., a company must have an automated payroll. An automated payroll system helps HR to comply with the salary processing in time as well as statutory obligations.

Some of the major setbacks countered by Payroll officers/HR Personnel

  • When the company is operating in more than one place and in different states.
  • Different salary and attendance groups for different set of employees.
  • TDS Estimation, calculation, e-Return.
  • Salary processing after considering all the standing instructions, deductions and arrears, additional earnings/deductions and incentives (if any) etc.,
  • Calculation of Special incentive when the cost to company concept is followed.
  • Attendance management.
  • Generating reports.
  • Security.
  • Backing up and restoring of data entered.

Why we have developed Saral PayPack

To alleviate the work of a HR we have come up with a solution called Saral PayPack, automated payroll software. Saral PayPack help HR personnel, in timely and accurate processing of salaries as well as the statutory compliance. 

  • Multiple Branch creation - Current PF & ESI rates and PT slab included – Different states PT Slabs included.
  • PF ESI PT Returns can be made separately branch wise.
  • Multiple salary structures and attendance structures can be created for different group of employees.
  • TDS Integration tagged with e-Return.
  • Standing instructions calculation like, advance, loan, insurance etc., additional earnings/deductions and arrears calculation can be done.
  • Cost to Company (Flexipay) concept administered efficiently.
  • Effective attendance management with Attendance Integration feature.
  • Instant reports can be generated under various categories of Reports. Monthly reports, statutory reports, TDS reports and HR reports etc.
  • Security is provided at different levels. File level and application level security with password changing.
  • A well organized data backing up and restoring along with a Back up reminder.

Benefits of switching over to Saral PayPack

  • Time spent on processing salaries, manual and paper work can be cut down to a maximum extent.
  • Accurate and Timely salary processing in time with out any delay.
  • Track and review of employee’s absence and salary calculation as per the attendance will be made uncomplicated.
  • Offers in three different back ends viz., MS Access, My SQL, MS SQL.
  • Government tax and slab rates included by default thus providing the salary processing and other deductions meet statutory obligations too. Current rates of tax slabs and formulas will be updated.
  • Generation of various reports for internal circulation and provision of filing the annual e-Return of TDS. Statutory reports for PF, ESI, PT and TDS are included.
  • Standing instructions, Arrears calculation, Incentive details, Additional earnings & deductions.
  • Customization is done to fit in user’s specific requirements.
  • Excel interface for importing and exporting and thus makes data entry easy.
  • Periodic Back up and restoring options with reminder.

Saral Pay Pack from Relyon has its pride as the first large scale complete solution for payroll processing. This is a simple yet an exclusive package for maintaining and calculating salaries of employees at different levels of different companies.

Experience the difference by downloading your copy of trial version FREE and know how the payroll processing has made easier than ever.

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