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Saral PayPack - Editions

Saral PayPack is available in 3 different versions to suit a variety of payroll requirements. Saral PayCompliant is designed to address the statutory requirements related to payroll.
Saral PayPack – Premium
Saral PayPack-Premium is full version of payroll with all the features. This is an ultimate package for companies having high number of employees and also fits in consultant’s office handling the payroll of multiple companies. It includes the most sought requirements of HR personnel with complicated pay structures. It also accommodates the concept of Flexi Pay, which is now being chosen by many companies and MNCs for accommodating employee benefits. If your company is having the multiple salary structures, multiple groups, multiple work locations, then you are suggested to go for this version of Saral PayPack.
Saral PayPack – Standard
Saral PayPack Standard ideally designed for salary processing of 100 to 300 employees with the advanced feature requirements. Standard version is similar to that of the Premium but with certain limitations. Limitations include the creation of only two files with a maximum of 300 employees.
Saral PayPack – Professional
Saral PayPack Professional addresses the basic requirements. Medium and Small business houses, companies and organizations with simple pay structures can opt for Saral PayPack professional depending on their usage and requirements.
Saral ePFESI
Saral PayCompliant is not payroll computation software. It is specificall y designed to accommodate PF / ESI & Tax Complications. If the payroll is computed independently in Spread Sheet (Excel / Lotus) or with different payroll computation package, Saral PayCompliant takes care of all report generation w.r.t. PF / ESI & TDS. This is suitable package for payroll consultants who take the responsibility of managing PF / ESI returns and for tax practitioners who take care of TDS Management related to payroll of companies.
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