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Saral PayPack - FAQs

Payroll   PayPack
  • What does SALARY Mean?
  • What do allowance means?
  • What is permanent account Number (PAN)?
  • What are the current Income Tax Slabs?
  • What is form 16?
  • How to calculate House Rent Allowance (HRA) and exemption thereon?
  • Transport allowance / Conveyance Allowance
  • Children Education Allowance
  • What is Perquisite and how it is taxed?
  • What are the various deductions allowed under Chapter VI A?
  • What are the various deductions allowed under 80C?
  • What is the concept of CTC?
  • Why Flexipay or CTC?
  • What are Reimbursements?
  • What are the statutory deductions from salary?
  • What is PF?
  • Who are covered under PF?
  • What is Voluntary PF?
  • What is Zero Pension?
  • What are EPF, EPS, EDLI and Administrative Charges and Other Charges?
  • EDLI Exemption [A/C 21 is 0]?
  • After how many days of DOL employee can withdraw the amount?
  • Benefits of PF?
  • PF Return Dates
  • What is Employee State Insurance (ESI)?
  • What is ESIC?
  • Applicability of ESI?
  • Benefits of ESI?
  • What are the Month wise Statutory Deposits and Returns?
  • Statutory Forms ESI?
  • What is PF No.?
  • What is PPF?
  • What is the difference between EPF & PPF?
  • What are the Contribution Rates for ESIC?
  • What is Profession Tax (PT)?
  • What is Gratuity?
  • How is Gratuity Calculated?
  • What is TDS?
  • What is TAN No.?
  • What is standing instruction?
  • What is Pay slip?
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