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Supporting the customers by all means is one of the main areas, we are looking into. With a separate team dedicated for supporting the customers, we have made the customers feel our presence towards support in all circumstances. With a priority to local support, we have our channel network spread across the country supporting the customers locally in reasonable time.

Customers can contact Relyon Support Department over email /phone:

Email Id:  (Along with contact details)
Phone Nos:     +91-80-23002100
Instant Support on Technical Issues:
1. "Run time error; 2147023067 (80070725) Automation error"
Symptoms: Whey you try to access any of the Excel reports or excel related interfaces using the Import/Export in SPP, the program may result an error message "Run time error; 2147023067 (80070725) Automation error"

Solution: Download the setup "excelpatch.exe" to your desktop. Install the setup file to its default Path. After Installation, "ExcelProbFix" Icon will be created in the desktop. Run the patch file to fix the problem.
2. Autoexec.NT
Symptoms: If you try to start or install a Relyon Product on your Windows XP/2000 -based computer, you may receive an error message "C:\Windows\System32\Autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications. Choose 'Close' to terminate the application".

Cause: This may occur due to missing of the file called "Autoexec.nt" in System32 folder.

Solution: (a) Download the file and paste it in the location" c:\windows\system32" or "C:\Winnt\System32". OR (b) Copy the Autoexec.nt file from the Repair folder in Windows to the System folder.
3. Igtoolbars50.ocx
Symptoms: If you try to open a Relyon Product on any of Windows operating systems, the initialization (startup) screen will just flash and disappear.

Cause: The file "Igtoolbars50.ocx" is missing in System/System32 folder

Solution: (a) Download the file and paste it in the location" c:\windows\system32" or "C:\Windows\System". OR (b) Copy the Igtoolbars50.ocx file from the Repair folder in Windows to the System folder.
4. Hardware Lock

Symptoms: Even after connecting the Hardware Lock to Printer port, sometimes the product may not get registered and runs in Trial Version.

Cause: This may happen when the respective product (Code) is missing in the Lock or Hardware Lock Driver might not get installed.

Solution: (a) Download the exe "RSLReadHL.exe" to your desktop. Open the exe and click on "Read" Button. Verify the Products (codes) written in that hardware lock. If the respective product does not exist, email the issue to


(b) Download the setup "hardware.exe" to your desktop. Install Hardware lock the driver in its default path shown. Restart the system immediately after installing the driver. Verify the registration of the product in Help-> About. The Hardware Lock problem gets solved.
5. HJ-Split

Function: HJ-Split allows you to split a file into parts, which can then be stored onto floppy. It is very reliable, simple, small and easy to use tool for splitting the files.

It does not require any installation; it is just an '.exe' file which can be executed by simply double clicking on it. Download
6. Click Here to Download

File name:
Applicable to version: 2.02 & Above
Description: Hardware locks are available in two types i.e., Parallel Port and USB Port. A parallel port hardware lock is provided to customer. To register that, download the file "", extract it and run the file "SoftDogInstdrv.exe". After that, run "RSLReadHL.exe" to see the registration details of the company. This will complete the work. Now reopen Saral PayPack and register the product.

7. Relyon Run Time patch File Click Here to Download

File name: Relyon
Applicable to Version: 2.08 & Above
Description: This file will Install Relyon Product Dependencies in your System. Installing this will help you to avoid product related Run time errors.

8. MDAC_TYP.EXE Click Here to Download

File name: MDAC_TYP.EXE
Applicable to Version: 2.02 & Above
Description: This will install Microsoft data Access Components (MDAC) in your system. This is essential for Windows 9x Operating Systems / Microsoft Office 97/2000.

9. VBRun60SP4.exe Click Here to Download

File name: VBRun60SP4.exe
Applicable to Version: 2.02 & Above
Description: This will install VB runtime components in your system

10. Click Here to Download

File name:
Applicable to Version : 2.02 & Above
Description : This will install Java run time in your system. This is required in order to run the NSDL Java FVU in TDS package.

11. While using the Expression editor of SPP in Windows 98 Operating system, you may see an error like ‘Active XL Component Can not Create Object’.
Solution: Register the VbScript.dll and Msscript.dll
(Start a Run a Type regsvr32 vbscript.dll and Click on Ok. Again Type msscript.ocx and click on Ok.)
12. While Opening the file is showing The Error ‘Invalid File’.
Solution: This may happen when the file already opened is of another backend. Set the proper backend name in System Registry DB type Setting of Saral PayPack
13. While Opening a data file, if you see an error showing ‘Operation Must be an Updateable Query’.

Solution: Remove the “Read Only” option in Saral PayPack Data File Properties

14. Particular Month Salary Sheet ESI Total and ESI Monthly Report ESI Total Is Not Matching.
Solution: Open the “ESI applicability change” option from Salary Transactions Menu. Select the financial year and particular half, then select the “Applicability All”, then check the applicability for all employees.
15. While creating or opening a file in MySQL backend for a client system the error is showing “Access Denied for user root’@’krishna”.
Solution: In server, you have to give the full permission to all the Client Systems. For giving full permission, you have to run the following query in SQLyog “grant all on *.* to ‘%’@’%’”.
16. In XP operating system user is not getting connected with server?
Because of Firewall user is not getting connected, user needs to off the firewall or allow the saralpaypack.exe, or required port no. (like for MS SQL - 1433(UDP), 1433(TCP) & 1434 (UDP), 1434(TCP), for Relyon License Manager – 8990) inside the fire wall.
17. When Auto IP address generation process is enabled in network then you need to give System name instead of IP address in server name field.
Product Support

1. ESI is not getting calculated on OT1 even when the ESI applicability option is selected in the Assign heads to salary structure.

This will occur when you select the OT1 as open component and calculate ESI on OT1 (incase OT1 is open component).

Go to option settings and select the Features tab and uncheck the option “On OT1 calculate ESI (In case of OT1 is open component)”. Now recalculate the salary details for updating the changes.

Initial settings a Option settings a Features a In PF Form 10 Print Previous Month data

2. In the assign heads to salary structure screen, the valid from date assigned was a wrong entry which was found after processing the salary details. The “valid from” date field is not allowing to change the date.

When you need to change the valid from date, go to tools menu and select the salary process predate option and again select pre date the salary heads assigned to salary structure.

Tools a Salary Process – Pre Date a Pre-date the salary heads assigned to Sal Structure

Here you have to select the salary structure, salary head and the valid from month. Click on Save button to save the changes made..

3. Monthly PF Report & PF Form 12 A are not matching with no. of employees?

Monthly PF report only reflects the existing employee’s data where as Form 12A reflects the total employees including the left employees. Check if any employee has resigned in the selected month. To see the differentiation of existing and resigned employees in Form 12 A, check the “In PF Form 10 Print Previous Month data” option from option settings.

The resigned employee’s details are fetched from Form 10 A and differentiated in the Form 12 A. “In PF form 10 print previous month data” option is available under PF Tab of Option settings.

Initial settings a Option settings a PF a In PF Form 10 Print Previous Month data

4. Form 10 is a return of members leaving the service during a month. The employees left details are not being displayed in the report although there are 2 employees who have resigned in that month.

There are two practices for submitting the Form 10. One is submitting the previous month’s data and the other submitting current month’s data. There is an option available under PF Tab of Option settings, “In PF Form 10 print previous month data”. If this is checked on, the previous month’s data will be displayed. When there are no resigned employee records in the previous month, no details will be displayed.

Uncheck the “In PF Form 10 Print Previous Month data” option available under PF Section of Option settings.

Initial settings a Option settings a PF a In PF Form 10 Print Previous Month data

5. Actual/Earned Salary Sheet some of the heads Values are not showing in the Actual field

In Assign heads to salary structure when a particular salary head’s calculation type is selected as Formula which includes the Calculated values) of any other component or leave type values, that particular salary head value is not considered as actual salary. However, it is considered as theoretical salary and will not be shown in the actual field of actual earned salary sheet but will be displayed in the theoretical / earned salary sheet.

To generate a Theoretical / Earned salary sheet, check the Theoretical salary option on under Features tab of Option settings screen.

Initial settings a Option settings a Features a Theoretical Salary

6. Can I generate a separate Report on Calculated Field?

Yes. A separate report on calculated field can be generated.

Report a Monthly Report a Over Time a Select Report Type As Piece Rate,

 7. How can PF contribution of Employer be restricted at Employee Level?

Select the option “Allow PF Employer Contribution to be Restricted at Employee level” in Option settings. This option is provided for showing the EDLI Wages on Employee PF Gross in the Monthly PF Report.

Initial settings a Option settings a PF a Check “Allow PF Employer Contribution to be Restricted at Employee level” option On

8. ESI is not Restricting on the ESI Cut off Value

Currently ESI cut off is Rs.10,000/-. If the employee ESI Gross exceeds beyond Rs.10,000/-, that particular employee’s ESI should not get calculated.

But consider the case where employee’s ESI gross is Rs.9,500 in April and from May onwards ESI Gross is Rs.15,000/- which crosses the ESI Cut off.  As per the rules, at the beginning of 1st half or 2nd half of a financial year, if employee comes under ESI, deduction has to happen till the end of that particular half. Since the ESI Gross is Rs.15,000/- from May onwards, ESI deduction happens on Rs.15,000/- where as the maximum cut off is Rs.10,000/-.

An option “Limit ESI Gross” is available for ESI Deduction not to happen as explained above, where the ESI Gross is limited and the ESI will get deducted on the cut off amount.

Initial settings a Company details a Select Limit ESI Gross

9. Every Month Component Value is not getting in Formula

When every month component is referred in some salary head formula, it has to be calculated on the every month component values entered. The same will not happen, if you have not checked the “Calculate Every month component in formula” option in Option settings.

Initial settings a Option settings a Features a select “calculate every month component in formula”

10. Some of the salary heads are not getting calculated as per the formula entered.

This happens when the latter defined salary head is referred in the earlier defined salary head’s formula.

While defining the salary heads, suppose Other Allow. is defined at 5th place and Tele. Allow. is defined at 8th place. The calculation does not happen correctly if Tele. Allow. is referred in the Other Allow. formula.

Hence, first you have to decide the order of salary heads based on the dependencies and then those have to be defined accordingly in the same order.

11. Some of the defined formulas are not listed for selection in Bonus module

As per the rule Bonus should be calculated on Earned salary. If you refer any Actual Value of salary head in the formula, those formulas will not be listed for selection in Bonus module.

When Component Basic is referred in the formula, bonus module will not list that particular one for selection as it refers to the Actual value of Basic but not the Earned one.

12. How to Change the Additional Earning and Deduction Head Caption?

To change the Additional Earning / Deduction heading caption, click the F2 button on the keyboard and you are allowed to change the caption.

13. How to select the employees using Employee Ref No?

In the Employee Master, first select any Ref. No. from the list and then click on the Ref. No. caption in the Employee Master.

14. How to port previous Month’s negative salary to the current month Salary?

Select a particular employee in Salary Editor and right click to see a child window with options. Select the Port previous month negative salary for porting the same. The previous month’s negative salary will get deducted from current month gross salary.

Salary transactions a Monthly salary editor a Right click on particular employee name

15. How to generate Employee wise Salary abstract report?

Report a Monthly Report a Salary Abstract Report. Then select the Report Type as Salary Abstract (Employee wise).

16. How to open an empty Import Template with default created headings etc.?

After selecting a Template name, Check the option “With Data” to open a template with a drop down list of default salary structures, attendance structures, leave types entered in the file.

For example, a file has been created with 4 Sal Structures and 2 Attendance structures. Now when the Employee Master template is opened with data, a drop down button is displayed for the salary structure column from where you can select one salary structure.

Import/Export  a Template

17. Send Pay slip through e-mail, in subject of the mail, how to put the respective employee’s name?

For sending the pay slip through mail, go to Reports, select Monthly Reports and again select Pay slip. The Pay slip dialog box gets opened. Click on E button to send the pay slip through email.

Click on e-Mail button to see the Saral PayPack E-mail pay slips dialog box. Select the “Mail Server (SMTP)”. Click on Next button.

A Mail message dialog box appears with two tabs HTML and Plain Text. In the HTML Tab, click the drop down button displayed beside the Auto text option and select “Reference No./Emp. ID” to display the employee name in the mail.

This option is available only when the “Mail Server (SMTP)” option is selected for sending the pay slips through email.

18. How to restrict the grant of Maximum Amount of Loan/Advance?

If the “Advanced management of advance/loan” option is selected in the Option settings, new options are enabled in the Loan/Advance master, using which you can restrict the maximum amount, maximum allowed, recovery EMI, Interest Rate etc. and reducing balance method can be set.

19. How to lock editing the PT in salary editor entry tab?

While defining the PT group, an option is available to lock editing the PT. When this option is checked in the Define PT group, PT amount can not be edited in the Entry part of salary editor.

20. How to enter the Previous Employer Details in TDS?

Select the Employee in TDS Computation Details screen.
Click on Salary in Left Side pane and increase the number of Employers in the list.
A separate row will get created where you can enter the previous employer’s details by clicking the  button Right Side.

21. How to enter TDS deducted from previous employer?

Select the employee in the TDS Computation Details.
Select the “TDS Salary” option in the Left side pane and enter the details TDS deducted by previous employer.

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