Payroll Management

Configurable payroll management, which covers the complete details of the salary components with tag to different employees or group of employees to support and  accommodate any kind of simple to complex nature of salary setting

Exit Management

A Comprehensive Exit management system which auto captures all the required details like Leave encashment, gratuity, unpaid salary, unpaid loan & advances, bonus,etc and generates a complete report for the final settlement pay of the employee

Complete Employee Management

Saral PayPack Cloud captures and manages a wide variety of employee information required for various pay processes. These details can be timely updated with minimal data entry. The data can also be imported from excel to quickly update the details.

Payslip Generation

Generate accurate and professional payslips, effortlessly. The look and content of the payslip can be customized as required. Payslip can be emailed directly to employees as a PDF attachment (which is password protected)

Payroll Compliance

Automatically generate all the statutory reports for payroll processing. Flexible in adding any number of statutory groups. Modify and update the statutory details as required. Be compliant with latest payroll laws

Statutory Filing

Hassle-free statutory return filing as prescribed by the respective department. We provide reporting and return filing of PF, ESI, TDS, PT of all Indian states with auto upload of return to the respective website

Leave Management

Streamline the employee leave with the leave policies. Automate the leave allotment process based on periodic, month, half yearly or annually. Track all the leave transaction of the employee and update the leave balance.

Customized Leave Policies

Saral PayPack Cloud provides flexibility in setting up the leave policy as per the organization need. The leave policies can be customized which includes various information like leave carry forward, apply leave in advance etc.

Attendance Management

Flexible configuration of various rules and criteria based on the attendance policy and scheme of the organization, to manage the attendance policy effectively. Pull the real time punch of attendance with seamless integration with any bio-metric hardware.

Report Generation

Analyze various activities of the employee as well as monitor their man-hours invested in workstation through a series of real time reports generated through Saral PayPack Cloud. Reports like Monthly/Daily attendance, Overtime work, etc can be generated.

Reimbursement Management

Different types of reimbursements like Medical, LTA, telephone, food and beverages, etc can be auto allotted to the employees based on various policies or organization which will also benefit the employee in their tax exemption planning

Reimbursement Claims

Automate the process of reimbursement claim for the employees. The employee can update their claims directly from the ESS portal employee login which is being sent to the approving authority for approval and auto claim will be taken on approval

Information Management

Employees can update and manage their personal information and work related information. Leave and attendance can be managed by viewing the details on the portal and a report on the details can be taken.

Request & Declaration submission

The employee can apply for leave through their ESS login in advance. The reimbursement claim can be updated through the ESS login. To benefit employee tax planning, declaration on tax saving can be submitted.

Audit Trail

Ensuring accurate information is updated by the authorized person is very important in the payroll process. This can be ensured by keeping a track of activity log  of different user of the software through Audit Trail.

Maker Checker Mechanism

Saral PayPack Cloud provides a unique mechanism of MAKER-CHECKER which will ensure that the only accurate data is modified or updated with the approval of the authorized person reducing the risk of wrong update