To ensure you get the best payroll service possible, we have partnered with few companies to provide you with a complete set of payroll-related solutions. Take a look at our partners.

matrix-security-Saral PayPack Partners for bio-metric devices

Matrix Bio-metric System

Matrix COSEC is an enterprise-grade people mobility management solution for organizations covering Time-Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Management, Employee Self Service Portal, Roster Management, Contract Workers Management and Cafeteria Management. Matrix COSEC is an all-integrated solution including hardware devices and a suite of software application modules.

Matrix COSEC is a flexible, modular and scalable solution designed for large, medium and small enterprises encompassing up to 1 million users, 65,000 entry points scattered across 1,000 locations.

Zeta-reimbursement-cards-Saral PayPack Partners for digital coupons

Zeta Reimbursement Cards

Zeta Optima is a suite of digitised employee tax benefits that allows organisations to help increase their employees’ take-home pays by over Rs 80,000 while keeping overheads and CTCs the same. Organisations can use Optima’s single interface to manage any and every benefit offered to employees.This allows you to more efficiently manage the time and resources.

In addition to being easy to use, the Optima smart benefits programme employed in your organisation can be fully customised, giving you complete control over its implementation.