Hello Everyone. In this post, we will see the continued part of the working of the Bonus module in Saral PayPack.

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Bonus in Saral PayPack

Let us now continue.

After the definition is saved, click on Calculation for calculating the amount.


Now, click on Add Emp to add the employees for whom the bonus has to be calculated. The filter window will be displayed. Here, select the required filters and click on View. On the display of the employee, select the required employees and click on OK.

Add Employee-view

The selected employees will be added and displayed on the screen with the bonus amount calculated for each employee.

Selected Employess Calculation

Bonus value can also be imported from excel. Click on E to view the template where the employee details with the bonus amount can be added. To get the pre-filled employee details, enable Export with Data and then click on E. To import the details from the saved template, click on I.


If the bonus is given on multiple month salary, to view the bonus amount bifurcation, click on Month Wise Bifurcation Report and the details will be available in Excel.

Monthwise bifurcation report

To export the computation of bonus to excel, click on Export. Also, if the mode of payment is a cheque, then the printed cheque can be taken by clicking on it.

Export & Change print

This completes the working of the Bonus Module in Saral PayPack.